We will begin our study of the Quran, with the beginning of the Quran. We will take a look at Surah Faatiha from the lenses of the Arabic Language, Hadith, & Seerah, to develop an appreciation of the opening chapter of the Quran.


Studying the Seerah helps out contextualize the Quran. Without understanding key events and characters that are related to the certain ayaats in the Quran, a reader loses a depth of meaning. The Quran was revealed to The Prophet Muhammad, SAW, so to better understand the Quran, you must learn about the life of the one whom the Quran was revealed to.

Arabic Language

The Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, therefor, in order to understand the Quran at a deeper level, you must learn the Arabic. To be completely clear, we are not promising you will unlock the Arabic Language in one week and become the next tafseer scholar. Our aim is to introduce you to the necessary sciences that facilitate your understanding of the Quran. Starting with the Arabic grammar, will we start with types of words, then look at fragments and finally put it all together and analyze sentences.


The study of Hadith is essential key in understanding the Quran and a pillar of our tradition. We will look at 3 important hadiths from the time-tested hadith collection of Imam An-Nawawi.

Course Structure

This short intensive is aimed at providing you “keys" to learning the Quran, its language, and the life of the one who the Quran was revealed to. It is our goal that you complete this bootcamp with an increased desire to continue seeking the path of knowledge, coming closer to the Quran, and ultimately gaining Allah’s pleasures and acceptance. On behalf of Miftaah Institute, we hope to see you in class.


January 7th, 2019 - January 11th, 2019 . Class will start at 7:00 pm EST and we will end at 8:30 pm EST.


This is a 100% free Online course. There is no catch, this is simply our way of providing you an opportunity to learn. Our guiding prinicple is "Affordability without compromising quality".

Course Material

Each student will be provided a KeysToTheQuran textbook and workbook.

Online Learning Platform

Using our unique learning platform, students will be able to benifit from live lectures versus pre-recorded videos, make your learning experience both interactive and personal.

Recordings Available

We understand that not every student will be able to attend every live lecture. Therefore, you will be given access to the all classroom recordings.

Continuing Education

For those students who finish the bootcamp course, we honor and respect that time and effort you will spend with us. In return, we will offer you 10% discount for registering for the Miftaah Online program.


Join us for a week of learning, reflecting, and connecting with The Quran, its language, and The Prophet SAW.